Search Engine Optimization – The Real Story!

Over the years, we have learned a thing or two about search engine optimization. It may seem complicated for those new to the subject, but in reality, WordPress does a great job with optimizing a website on its own.

As we’ve mentioned before, for those of you on free blogging platforms, we highly recommend a self-hosted WordPress blog. One of the big reasons being Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Before we get in too deep, what is search engine optimization, and why is it important?  When you visit google and do a search, you end up with a bunch of results.  As you may realize, results that are on page 1 receive a lot more traffic or clicks than those on page 2 or lower. As a website owner, traffic is always the goal, and placing as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPS) for various keywords/phrases is one way to achieve that goal.

One important aspect of SEO is the structure of the website so that the search engine robots can efficiently “crawl” or “index” your site.  As convenient as it may be, WordPress is already efficient and can be improved even further with a few tweaks.


Search engines recognize key words, especially within post titles.  The default WordPress link structure doesn’t display the post title in the url, but we can change that.  Within the WordPress Dashboard, click on settings->permalinks. From there, pick one of the options that displays the post title and hit save.


There are quite a few plugins for WordPress that help with SEO, as I like to keep it simple, here are my favorites:

  • All in One SEO – This little plugin will help optimize your post titles so that they are search engine friendly.  As well, it gives the option to add meta data to every post.
  • Google Sitemaps – This plugin will create a sitemap so that search engine robots can crawl your site as efficiently as possible.

Get Links

Perhaps one of the most important aspect of SEO is to obtain links.  If you have an article that is on the front page of Google or other, and you want it to position higher on the page, then you must get more links to that article from other quality sites. What’s the secret to getting links? Write quality content that make people want to link to you.  As well, link to others, the law of reciprocity is a powerful force.

Link to Others

It’s important to link out to other sites in your niche as mentioned above.  When search engine crawlers are evaluating the “value” of a site, they look for quality outbound links in addition to quality inbound links.

Link to Yourself

Not only are links from other sites important, it’s important to internally link to yourself with the proper anchor text.  For example, Zesty Blog Consulting Services is better than link.

Although this brushes the surface of search engine optimization, it will help improve your search engine presence.  If you need some help with SEO on your site, contact us!