“I definitely recommend Zesty design services.  He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Best of all, he is happy to do the technical stuff, suggest his ideas, and then let you make the fun decisions.  I won this blog makeover in a giveaway he held last summer, so I am especially grateful to him for following through and giving me great service despite it being complimentary. THANK YOU, CORY!”


test1“Zesty/Cory does an amazing job when it comes to blog designs. I asked him to give Megan’s Munchies a blog a makeover. I wanted it to be more reader friendly and appealing to the eye to attract more visitors and keep my loyal readers coming back for more. After giving him a few ideas about colors and designs that would represent my blog and my personality, he produced a a clean cut design that was just perfect for my needs. My current readers loved the new look, and I welcomed many more readers after revealing my new design. My traffic doubled within the first month after the makeover, and it tripled within the second month. Zesty/Cory is a pleasure to work with, and he will work with you to make your blog be everything you wanted and more.”


“I am so glad that I worked with Cory (Zesty Cook) when designing my new header and blog layout. As a perfectionist, there is no change that is too small or unreasonable and Cory understoods that and was willing to work with my crazy requests until we were both happy with the result. He has also been there to provide guidance and additional help long after the design was completed. Thanks, Zesty!”


“Zesty provided such a tremendous service for my web site. Not only was he creative and quick to work, but he was thorough–he handled all the details with ease. It was a pleasure to work with Zesty, and I am so pleased with the final results!”


“ZestyCook did an amazing job at designing my WordPress Site!  He was quick to respond to my request including calling me to confirm the details and very thorough in every aspect of the design process.  He really went above and beyond my expectations and continues to provide support for any questions I’ve had regarding WordPress, Widgets, Code and more.  He rocks @ Blog Design and I’d recommend him to anyone!”


“Zesty has been a wonderful web designer to work with. He designed my site, www.OperationBeautiful.com, and it’s logo, which is now on the Operation Beautiful t-shirts. Zesty is reliable and responds to any issues instantly. I have found him to be an excellent business partner and conisder him to be an electronic friend. I give Zest my highest recommendation!”


“Zest did a fabulous job on my header. I had no idea what I wanted, and we went from concept to finished design in no time – he’s got great vision! And need I mention he has saved the day too many times to count when behind-the-scenes blog troubles arise?”


“Not only does the header on my blog look great, but the wording is perfect as well – Zesty is the ONLY one that I ever recommend to others when they ask about web design or creation.”


“Zesty was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me when I asked for advice on a logo. He is patient and willing to work on the design as long as it takes to make you happy. High recommended!”


“Not only does Zesty know his way around the kitchen, but he is also an amazing designer. After giving him a completely vague idea of what I wanted, he came up with the perfect design for my blog, and he is the first person I turn to with any technical questions. Don’t know what I’d do without him!”

Heather 🙂

“Zesty was designed a banner for my Web site, and he was fast, efficient and skilled. He did what I wanted in a short amount of time and even helped me make later changes to the banner as my Web site evolved.”

On a Lobster Placemat

“Zesty has not only helped me find ways to make my blog look more appealing and readable, but he’s also given me terrific pointers on how to make my blog suit my professional needs. His feedback is always supportive and constructive. Moreover, Zesty has served as my “go-to” person for tech inquiries of all kinds–from the minute to the grave.  He’s knowledgeable, efficient, and always friendly, and I owe him a huge debt of thanks.”


“I love the header Zesty created for me. He took my vision and captured it perfectly on my blog. A million thank-yous!”


“I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me design my website than Zesty. He listened to what I wanted, offered a lot of great ideas and tips, and was always available to answer any questions that I had. I get so many compliments and people asking me about the design of my blog, and I give Zesty all the credit–he really knows his stuff!”


“The work Cory has done on my blog for me has been nothing short of amazing. From the beginning, he took the time to understand what I really wanted. He never hesitated for even a minute when I asked him to change something; he works fast and gets the job done! The thing I love most about Cory and his work, though, is that even though he is technically done with me, he continues to help me on a weekly basis with questions I have; his customer service is outstanding. Hands down, I would absolutely recommend Cory to ANYONE who is interested in a beautiful, creative and professional looking blog.”


“You really helped me out in a pinch. My site was a mess and in just a short time you had it looking great and running smooth. I would offer a positive recommendation on Zesty Cook’s behalf to anyone who asked. Regards, Joanne.”